Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Oh, that felt guuuuuud

So much Sushi last night, so much sushi...no more raw fish for me anytime soon please, or fish eggs for that matter as well. But it was still a really good meal, for a really good price. I definetely think I got my $22.99+tax worth of sushi last night, it was all you can eat, and it was all that I ate. Mmmmm, the Eel was good, as was the salmon and tuna and all that other stuff that we ate. Oysters. So much, so much indeed. Except I have a lot of bruises on my shin from a friend. She found it quite entertaining to kick me last night from under the table. It hurt. Then again i did deserve some of those kicks with some of the comments that I made...hehehee. Oh and she really seemed to have fun hitting me with her purse, which I also deserved...hahahahaaa. Was nice to see Melanie again, and wow, she certainly has changed. A lot. She went from good innocent girl, to the closet slut of her res hall. Hahahaaaaa. Sexcellent. Anyways, saw National Treasure, was thoroughly enjoyable. I want it for my b-day...right. So last night I made an attempt to go christmas shopping, and that didn't happen, just ended up eating sushi. So today I must brave the commercial masses and try and find a scarf and a toque and like shirt studs(?) right. Anyways, I must be off, ciao!


At 9:10 a.m., Blogger Pixie said...

try not to get run over or into any fist fights with all those last minute shoppers.


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