Monday, November 08, 2004

so drunk at the monet!

and i am really drunk at them monet! I can no lnger see straight so i am no longer gonna care about my splelling so you gyyrs are all gonnna have to put up with it.... i am so drunk, i can no longfer see straight! Yeah me! I am now a prart of ther four musketeeers! I am a musketeer! Yhehehehe! yeah me! RIGHTIO, i must be off, i did type out a whole shitload more, but i smoehow managed to delete it all and ireplaced it with some italian sng buy andrea boceellie!? hiow i managed to do that i do not know, bvyt all i do know is at the moment i can no loner seee steraufht at akllk, and talking to people ion msn is soooooo entertaingt....hmmm...lets see who is onkline, cameron is, as is daniell, and dianna, and a whoke bucnh of other opeopole, mny ex is on, and i donlt like it at all, but since i am drunbj i think i will talk to them,,,,,ghgge hehehe,, they said hey?! yes, go me! go team drew! i jsut got another gllass of wine and i managed to chug iut...go team good! hahaha, i am such a dork! la le la na no da! i am such an aocloholic, it is a monday and i am already druhnk1 hehehheheee
! ant yayws u tghunk i will fo now! i must be off, my drinking partner,m who happens to be my mother is no w yelling at me toi get off the ocmuper! so sad i am....anyways., cheers yall! ui can nbo l,onger ffel my face, or feet or lips for that matter!@ lool! anyways! cheers yall! and good night to you all as well!n by7e bye!
andrew x-)


At 10:08 a.m., Blogger Pixie said...

it was great talking to you last night, lol,

wime wime wime


At 12:35 p.m., Blogger Roo said...

Wime eh? heheheeeee, i meant to say wine...but wime is so much goes the new bathroom?


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