Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What a weekend

Wow, what a weekend. I don't think i could have possibly accomplished any more than i did during this time. I am actually gonna write about what i did this weekend. Wow, that certainly is a different approach than usual. Aha! Meh, its good to switch things up a bit every now and then. So lets see, Friday...went to school, twas great fun. Had a midterm and i think i nailed it, excellent! Went out that night to some place...oh yeah moxies. Went to the Moxies lounge with a bunch of people was great fun. And some people certainly enjoyed themselves there. Then on saturday, uhm...uhm...went out for coffee with Amber, i only meant to stay for like an hour, well, before i knew it two and a half hours had passed. Wow i never knew we had that much catching up to do. And then when i got home i was out almost immediately again as I went with my parents to go look at the condo they are seriously thinking about buying for me. I mean they put down the sold dot on the one they want already. Excellent! Went to Costco, now that was exciting, found out that I am off for Ottawa at the end of November as my Dad is getting yet another medal. And now that means i have to put up with politicans again. I really don't like Adrienne Clarkson all that much, her make-up is so caked up on her, i'm surprised she doesn't crack when going into the sunlight. And then saturday night i got absolutely shit-faced to put in nicely. I drank sooo much vodka, went through a good third of a 2-6 by myself, i think i had more but i don't really recall. Went to my apartment, details will emerge in the other blog when i find the time. Crashed at Cameron's, woke up the next morning drove Melissa home...went home myself. Had to deal with people I really don't like. Wanted to get out of the house so badly. So i just sat in front of the TV for most of the day and went and cleaned my room. Purged it of all junk and reorganized all my posters yet again. Turkey dinner was excellent. Ms. Murphy came over so that was fun. I really shall miss her when she leaves for Cyrpus. Hey, gives me a reason to go to the mediterranean! Hmmmm...perhaps i will go next winter...always a thought. I loved the stuffing this year, and it did a fabulous job of stuffing me. After dinner went off to Tequila. Two Words: FOAM PARTY! it was so gross, yet the funness of it all outweighed the grossness of it all. However the night got interesting when I became the ears for someone as they ranted about someone else. Ah well, added an interesting twist to the evening. Crashed at Cameron's. Left car keys and cell in Dave's car, created quite a headache for some people trying to track them down. Really must buy them a case of beer for that. MGD it shall be. Went home, had to deal with house guests yet again. One of them cracked my Mom's really really big fountain in the front hall. So now it will be filled with plants instead of water from now on. Had a really yummy left over turkey dinner. Talked with my Mother and Grandmother for a bit had a grand time with them. Got twenty dollars from my Grandma cuz i got over 65% in my Math...Yay Me! And then i went and worked on an essay. I was really in the groove as I punched out a 6 page essay on Religion and Death in the Medieval Ages based on Literature from that time period in two hours. Go Team! Went downstairs to my room, purged some more of it and found my Mont Blanc pen and got it working again. Except i probably killed off a forest using as much paper as i did to get the ink flowing properly. Fountain pens are so finicky. Ah well. And after that I decided to go to bed. Twas heavenly. And now i am stuck at school. Studying and wasting away my life. I have some phone calls to make, but when i decide to do them, i do not know. Probably soon as they are in regards to tonight. Humph. And why i told the world about my weekend. I don't know...but hey, tis my blog and i shall do what i wants to do. Rightio, i am off to make those phone calls. Ciao!


At 11:23 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duuude. You actually met Adrienne Clarkson? Who'd she get makeup tips from? Cher?


At 8:53 p.m., Blogger Roo said...

Haha...excellent...but yeah...when it comes to meeting the movers and shakers in the world I've already met more people than most would in a lifetime...Everyone from The Secretary General of the U.N. (Kofi Annan) to Prince Charles, to the Pope, to Prime Minister Chretien...and blah blah blah...all the same...tho meeting the pope was really cool! yeah...but Madame Clarkson desperatly needs some make-up tips. I like the Governor General we had before her, he was really nice, but his wife was much nicer! And they had the sweetest puppies...Blue and Cashew...ah i miss them...riiiiiiight...


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