Monday, October 25, 2004

Shoohotentot and Skolinkenlot

Carissa was a girl i once knew,
She had a very interesting shoe
She called an old lady a whore
and ate some mayonaisse off the door
and then she was entirely through...

Ah yes, a magnificent piece of English literature right there, definitely a classic if I do say so myself. One that will stand the test of time and rank among Pope and Thomas. Yes. So i sit here, absolutely bored out of my mind. I have watched every Foamy episode there is to watch, with no sound by the way, and have gone through all of my class notes for the past two months. So yeah. What does one do in a situation like this? Well, i will just ponder. Ponder away. Ladies and Gentleman, let the blood~letting begin!
I don't think i have enough gas in my car to get me to a gas station. Uh oh. I meant to fill up this morning on my way in too school, but see i had a mid-term and i was running late. So as a result, i now don't think i have enough gas to get me to a Petro Canada. I seriously cannot believe the cost of gas these days. I also cannot believe how broke i am at the moment. That stupid cab ride on friday night completely empited my pockets of any change, and i am not about to break into my savings...those savings are well, being saved! Grrrrr! This is one of the few times i wish i had a credit card. Cuz i know i am gonna be having a ton of money pour into my pockets come november, but until then, i am pretty much begging my parents for money. And its not like i don't owe them money already as it is. Stupid car repairs! I'm still hurting from them. And to make things so much better, the U of C is running a defecit, so that means more tuition hikes. Goody gum drops. I so cannot wait until i am out of this hell hole of a school and at one that actually looks nice and isn't driving itself into bankruptcy. Ah well, at least i have some money coming in this friday from tutoring. It actually pays surprisingly well, but then again these kids are seeing real results so that's good i guess. I think my closet needs an overhaul. Time to empty out the old and bring in the new. Which is going to be one helluva of an expensive project. I think i shall wait until boxing day. I need more gas money from my mother. I have to friggin drive everywhere, and i think i spend at least a good $60 a week just on gas. JUST ON GAS! friggin eh man...And i am not about to go rant about the oil companies either, too many of my friends have parents involved in them. Ah well. So Halloween is coming up, and i am going on a pub crawl. But i still have no idea what i am gonna go as. I don't know what i am gonna do. Hmmmm. Ooooh! Maybe i'll go as a pirate! I gots myself a pirate shot glass and maybe i can use that! Oh good! And i think i will grow out my facial har for the day! Hahaha! Ew. Or maybe just a goatee. Yeah, just a goatee.
*Shudders at thought of facial hair*
So anyways, i think i am done for the moment. I think i am gonna skip next class. History. Oh so exciting! Not. I am always so very, very bored whenever i go. But then i always feel so guilty if i ever miss a class. Explain that! Ah well. I think i am gonna make a friend quiz thingy! Always entertaining to do! Hahahahaaaa. Right, well i am now gonna go off and do that. Oh yeah, one more point...i think i would die without my cell phone. I somehow ended up with a friends cell for the weekend and i just can't imagine living without mine. But really! No one knows my home number and half the time my msn doesn't work, so it can be pretty tuff sometimes to get a hold of me. Ah well, i will just make sure i lways have mine with me. Haha, i wouldn't want it sleeping with another man! rightio. Ciao!


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