Friday, October 22, 2004


Today is going so well so far! I am so excited for tonight its not even funny! The sun is shining outside, the first time in at least a week and it is glorious, there is a slight breeze, and it is so bright cuz of all the snow on the ground! And it was Bonnie's birthday last night, i tried calling her, but she was at a play. Ah well. HAYLEY IS BACK IN TOWN THIS WEEKEND! YIPEEEEEE! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE HER! And it's Andrea's 18th today, i took her out last night to her first bar and it was fun, however i was DD, so it wasn't nearly as fun as it could have been. But tonight, since its payday i have drink money! So i am going to be pissed out of my mind. Yeah for Tequila! Yeah for dancing! Yeah for Alcohol! I am so excited! Oh, and I am bringing a camera tonight! Yeah me! But anyways, what else...I bought another book today, Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons", already on chapter 7 and it is an excellent read indeed. Hmmm...Natasha lended me "Life of Pi" so i am looking forward to starting that book. Cameron asked me to come and help him with his comics and packing them up for the move, should be interesting to go through all 8,000 of them...i think that's how many he has. Shaping up to be another busy weekend, Luke invited me to his house party, i don't really want to go but i just might make an appearance. Got some invitations to something going on at the Mynt this sunday, i don't know if i'll go though i'll see how i'm feeling that night. Oh, i want to go see that new movie, the Grudge, looks intriguing.
My cat is really acting weird these days. I mean she was odd to start out with as a kitten, but now she is just plain nuts. She was stalking my sock lying on my room floor the other day, that was entertaining, but slightly concerning at the same time. And then last night she was running around upstairs for most of the night, back and forth, back and forth. And right now she is standing behind the chair across from me, her ears a folded flat back against her head and her eyes are the widest i've seen them in a long time. And al she is doing is just staring at me. Am I really that much of a mess today? And now she is ducking up and down behind the chair. What an odd creature to say the least. I am looking forward to halloween next weekend, but i am still not sure what i want to be. I have a few ideas, but time is running out.
I love my toque, like it is warm and it served me well last winter, but i just took it off from coming back from outside and my hair is flat to my head and its like weird. Whenever i wear that toque with this kinda hair length, my hair always goes really funny. So at the mall today some guy was wearing a shirt that said Gay and Proud. I thought nothing of it, but seriously, do you need to wear that on the front of your shirt? I mean you may be rpoud, but pushing it in peoples faces is a bit too far to me. Ah well, whatever floats yer boat i guess.
Oh, cat just jumped off chair, hissed at me and ran out of the room. I wonder if i should be worried about her psychological state of mind. I wonder when the next full moon is? Perhaps that has something to do with her activities of late. Ok, and i ran out of things to say. Wow, this has certainly been a most random post. I can't remember the last time i wrote a something like this on my blog. Anyways, time to go out and just enjoy the sun while it is out. Ciao!


At 11:27 a.m., Blogger danirae said...

You'll enjoy life of Pi! i love that book, and I've been meaning to rad angels and demons, it is supposed to be really good. I'm borrowing it off a friend when he finishes it. And cats are generally just odd. i dont think you should have any worries lol. luv ya


At 2:11 p.m., Blogger Roo said...

Yeah, so far Life of Pi is proving to be a good read, and i haven't read any more of Angels and Demons, no time to really...ah well...yes, cats are odd


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