Monday, October 25, 2004


Well, first off. I certainly shall have some very interesting stories for my psychiatrist this week. I just came back from watching the Grudge with some peoples, and yeah. I certainly don't like the death rattle in the is something that will likely stay with me for quite some time. Unfortunately. And in other news...Hell it appears, has frozen over. This is good news to some, however it is bad news to others. Now Satan apparently is having a ball with this, after 10,000 years of boiling people, it now seems his past time is making popsicles out of souls. One has to wonder if that would be a profitable industry. "Yes, I'll take one damnedsicle, and one tormentedklondike bar..." uh huh. Anyways. So while watching the movie i realized i forgot my oreos. I always have a box of oreos whenever i watch a horror movie, lets me know that i am still alive, and not a part of the movie. And tonight, i was really really craving my oreos. And as a result of not having any, i am now stiff as hell from being so tensed up during the movie. I hate that, ah well. What can one do? I never realized how many horror mivies actually come out, i was watching the previews, and out of the four movies previewed, three of them were horror ones. Now I mean i am not complaining, but there does come a point when the market is saturated perhaps? hmmmm? Anyways. And now for something different. How many people out there are fans of Monty Python? I mean, i love the pythons, i always have such a ball whenever i watch their movies... "Oh where ever did that fishy goooooooo..." or "Tis but a flesh wound!" or even "Behold the Holy Gourd of Jerusalem..." over the summer i held a Monty Python movie marathon, and now I am curious if it would be a popular move to reopen the stash of Monty Python, and host yet another one? I wonder if there are any takers on that one? Leave me a comment perhaps? Meh, whatev. And now i must go, the sweet world of slumber beckons me, and I shall try to remove that insistant death rattle from my head. I wonder if those other people who i saw the movie with are suffering from the same thing...Natasha? Melissa? Cameron? or am i the only crazy one here? Curse that women in the movie, well actually, she already is cursed, well I will just curse her some more. CURSES BE UPON YOU! anywho, ciao!
Oh yes, Hayley stopped on for a visit today, we had much fun munching on crumpets and drinking tea! Haha...flashbacks to grade 10...oh dear, that also means i have to put up with that wench who shall not be named, but all know who i am talking about....rightio....ciao!


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