Monday, October 18, 2004

Bugger Off! Seriously!

I am sick and tired of people dictating to me on how i should live my life. Well, you know what i have to say to you? Fuck off. It's my life and i shall live it whichever way i choose to. I know you may not approve of what i do, but since when do i need anyones approval on what i should do? Yes, i respect your opinion of the matter, but once you start to even try and infringe upon my freedom, my life, oh, stay away for I will be out for blood. You say that i am on the road to hell. Right. And i keep forgetting that you can walk on water. You honestly are no better. So the day that you can walk on water perhaps then i will listen to what you have to say. But until then, remove the plank from your own eye before you try to take the sliver out of my eye. Capiche? I reall do not want to hear about how righteous you are, and how i am going to fry in hell. Yes i realize that there are certain rules i have to follow. But think about this...have i murdered, raped, or stolen anything? I think not. Have i denounced God as just a figment of human imagination? Uhmmmm...nope. So i mean it is not like i have turned my back on my beliefs and the dogma set out by human interpretation. Oh, and since when has shooting little bb's at other people, who willingly take it, become a sin? Hmmm? If something seems strange and out there to you it doesn't automatically make it a sin ya know! Honestly, I can't believe I put up with so much ignorance from people for so long. You people seriously need to grow up and open your eyes to see what this world is really like. And who really gives a flying fuck if I go to some kink night eh? It is all in good fun, shits and giggles is the way i look at it. Seriously, calm down. So here is a compromise. You stay out of my life, and i shall stay out of yours. For Good. I want nothing to do with you. I do not want to even see you. Let alone hear from you. So now, as a final note good bye...
Fuck Off!
btw...Greed and Pride are on that same list of sins as Drinking and Debauchery is...cheerio!


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