Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I swear....GRRRRRRR!

So the world officialy ends this coming friday. It seems that the planets will all align in such a way that all of the titans and demonic trees will begin to wreak havoc in our lives. And the fact that I can't find Gerladine, Gurt and Gustafer is a slight problem as well. BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! All HELL IS GONNA BREAK LOOSE! Head for the hills... I fcukin hate pikies, pixies and dags....
Stooooooooopid friggin pixies. ShIvA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the hell did you curse our lovely planet with these monstrosities?! There goes your weekly bowing session for the next three years...
Bad Shiva...Bad Shiva
Oh that's right, you just keep dancing there why don't you...pish posh.
What is this world coming too? I mean the Isreali government has been caught spying, and their spies were found to have Canadian passports. How dare that country tarnish and degrade our Fine country like that. I am not anti-semitic or anything like that. But Friggin eh! We don't want to have anything to do with a country bent on the destruction of the palestenian people. Grrrrrrr. Why do countries of the world do that? Go spy on eachother, but steal other nations passports first. Stupid Israeli's. Would someone please pie Ariel Sharon please? He needs a wake up call that he is hated around the world. And the same thing with George Dubya. No, don't pie George, through a two by four smothered in Canadian beef at him please! For goodness sakes! He sent New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C. into a tizzy with the hyping up of the terror alert. Everyone is one edge there almost expecting Al Qaeda to strike. Except little did the general public know that the information used to justify that terror alert is before friggin' 9/11!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone please do something about this out of control neocon red neck gun totin republican. Sending entire cities into high alert based on information from 2000. GET A FCUKIN LIFE GEORGEY BOY! For fcuks sakes! Yes it may be election year, but face it. YOU'RE GONNA LOOSE! and rightfully so. You are by far the worst president of ALL time in the United States. Lying to the public about War, trying to cover up the fact you were somewhat aware of Al Qaeda's plan for 9/11, Sending young American Soldiers off to fight a war over oil. Would someone please do something about this guy! Even Gurt would do a better job of leading the American people! And we all know what she is like. Bats and Pencils. That is pretty sad when a deranged pixie bent on the destruction of all could do a better job. Well....please don't come and assassinate me. Remember I have the Three G pixies, plus Anastasia, who is just about ready to burst. And of course there is Nicholas, who thinks he's Ghandi. Whatever. Nice unhappy life. Gustafer? GUSTAFER! Put that chair down, no I don't want to be turned into stone, or a chair, or a snaaaaaaAAAAAAAKE! no down! Down! There you go, now take this HA!
Good. One down, two to go. Now off to Abu Dhabi once again for you. B-Bye!
Ciao to all of you's!
ps: Sorry, still too tired to mentally think properlly, if it doesn't make sense, read previous blogs, may help to answer questions.


At 9:55 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

you just stuffed gustafer in another suitcase didn't you. give him chocolate, then maybe he'll listen to you. but i agree. he could probably do a better job running the country...but so could xena-my cat...mwahaha

At 11:33 a.m., Blogger Roo said...

Yes, Gustafer was just stuffed into a suitcase. And NO! Do NoT FeEd HiM aNy ChOcOlAtE! tHaT wIlL oNlY mAkE hIm WoRsE tHaN hE aLrEaDy Is! Aye Caramba...and yes, even my fishy Persopoles could do a better job than even your cat, let alone that Short Shrub of a 'leader'. Ciao!


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