Monday, August 02, 2004

Don't dream it, Be it! (Part One apparently)

There comes a point in time when everyone has to decide what to do with their lives. And unfortunately it comes too early for many of us. How are we to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives at 17 or 18? I mean seriously, it has been proven that the body does not fully mature until we are around 25 years old. Ai Caramba! But really, it is very much a shock to be dropped into the real world after being sheltered and mostly looked after for 18 years. But I guess that is the time that has been agreed upon by the slave masters. But like, what if everyone went after their dreams unhindered? And they didn't have to take secondbest becuase their marks weren't the greatest? How many more Einstein's (Who Failed School) would we have? How many more Mozarts, or Picasso's would we have? How about Le Corbousier or Jude Law? But really. How much greater would the world be if we were allowed to pursuit our love, our passions? How much more creative we would be. How much more colourful the world would be. Think of the music that could lift our souls and proclaim how powerful the human spirit is, that we are missing. How about the art hanging on gallery walls. How many are we missing. Perhaps if people were allowed to choose by their passion, there would be some great pieces of art hanging in Germany signed by a man named Adolph Hitler, and perhaps some event known as the Holocaust would ever have ever made its way into the book of Human Atrocities. There are all of these What Ifs? In every day of life that question is begging to be asked. Whar if I ask her out? What if I cheat on this test? What if I carry this person's books? What if I invite this guy out for a game of 21? All of these different situations, and the what if? But unfortunately we will never know the answers to these questions. We are to scared to ask them or carry through with them. But yes, it is too late to delve too deeply into this kinda of a pondering tonight, so I must bid adieu to you and you and goodnight, and yes, I will carry this thought forwards. But we need to stop caring if something has already been said before and just jump into it. Just do it as the old Nike saying says. So honestly we should make a pact with ourselves to not just dream, but to be it! Yes. Just be it! Bon Nuit! Ciao!


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