Sunday, August 08, 2004

I wonder as I wander...Oi!

Grrrrr...Some people just drive me insane. Hmph. Not to name names, Craig, I mean...oops! Did I just say that out loud...I shouldn't do it again, Yeah Jay, Oops! Silly me. Grrr...I just hate it when incompetent fools, no, idiots are placed into management. Yes. I have learned something about the real world and that is Idiots are everywhere. I mean, it is one thing to throw out someones dinner if you ask them, but to throw everyones out, without consulting them. Grrrr...I just want to fcukin break Craig. Bloody Fcukin Bastard. Then again, he is a 30 year old guy driving a beater, and still living at his Mom's, and working as a server. F.A.I.L.U.R.E. Yes. And then there is Jay. Hmph. Moody as Hell, and he needs to learn how to calm the fcuk down. Holy shyte how the heck did he ever get to be assistant manager? He is a terrible people person, is extremely, EXTREMELY unprofessional, and is extremely rude to the staff. So what if he didn't graduate from High School, he blames it on the fact that his Dad passed away. Yes, I am sorry that his Dad passed away. However he shouldn't use that kind of an event as an excuse. I have some very good friends who have had their Father's, or Mother's pass away. Whether it be sudden or slow. I have seen it all. And they have been able to graduate to problem with very very good grades. It is a lousy and very poor excuse to do that. So bonus for Jay for getting into some sort of managment, but he gets an F (As in F.A.I.L.U.R.E.) for blaming the death of his father as an excuse from not graduating from High School. Ok...that is enough of that Ranting and Raving for Today. Now I am very, very hungry. Time to get some fud. Until Later on, Ciao!


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