Thursday, July 29, 2004

Electric Carvers...

Muahahahahaaaaaa...I'm good.  I have now instilled fear in the general populace by realizing that I can fly.  Hmmmmm.  Whoa, now that was a weird experience.  Why doesn't anything make sense anymore?  Grrrr...some people really shouldn't have kids, myself included, can one imagine if I had any kids?  One of them surely would succeed in blowing up the world one way or another.  But Meh...So I saw that Frank n' Furter had an absolute marvelous of a time with his electric carver, then I remembered that I have one too, so I began to play with it last night.  "I made you, and I can BREAK you just as easily, RRRRRRrrrrrrr."  Yes, I have that knowledge, I hold the secret to the fundamental laws of Electric Carvers itself...En Garde!  Wow, I am good.  I never cease to amaze me at times, this moment being one of those instances.  So yesterday a horde of Aussies descended upon my humble workplace, glaring at me as they passed.  But they weren't drinking any Aussie Beer, actually no beer at all, and they were all dressed up in suits.  How bizzare, I guess that it just must have been a disguise so that they wouldn't get swarmed by the whole city of Calgary.  Yes, we love Aussies, we very much do love Aussies.  Who couldn't possibly love the Aussies?  Them with there accents and tans and billabongs and outback hats.  Yes, they certainly are a marvelous group of people all huddeled on an island.  Betchya didn't know that the capital of Aussieland is Canberra did you?  Some people are so ignorant.  Pish Posh.  I want to go and visit the land down under one day, that way I can say that I've seen the Aussie's in their native homeland and drinking their Aussie beer.  Yes, just wonderful.  I wonder if they have Electric Carvers down there?Ciao!


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