Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What does one say.......

What does one say when one is approached by a stranger offering a space to rant and vent and ponder and understand all of your thoughts and ponderings?  When should say...Of Course!  I would always love a space where I can have green lush fields to run through while singing John Jacobjingleheimerschmidt.  What would be better than that?  How about if a friend offered this deal to you...then it would be most excellent.  That is how this mysterious being came to be formed.  A sort of accident (An Accident)  that I discovered, that elusive Sparrrrrrrrrk that is the secret.  Yes I have that knowledge, I hold the secret to Life itself!  Engarde!
But Seriously...who are we....what are we?  Hopefully this blog will hold some answers, if not for me, than perhaps for someone else out there...ciao!


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