Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Random Rambling

Oh sweet Transexual, land of Night.  But its the pelvic thrust....That really drives you insanananane....and we shall do the TIME WARP AGAIN! Ahahahaaaa.......and crawling.....on the planets face, some insects called the human, lost in time, lost in space, and meaning..........
Now there we go, some random Rocky stuff for your absolute pleasure...and don't forget to give over to that either.   Everyone looks down upon pleasure, as if it is some demon.  That is correct, Absolute Pleasure has been demonized by Christianty, the same religion that made sex guilty.  At least the world is finally awakening from this delirious dreamland.  There is nothing wrong with giving over to Absolute all!!!!  I'm just a wild and an untamed thing, I'm a bee with a deadly sting, get a hit and your mind goes ping, your heart'll thump and your blood will sing, so let the party and the sounds rock on, we're gonna shake it till its life is goooone.  Rose tints my world keeps me safe from my trouble and pain!  But yeah...I don't understand the thinking of society, I have a feeling that I am a member of society, yet at the same time I feel that I am on my own, dancing to my own beat, and marching to my own drum.  I dunno, I think it is becuase I am so open minded, but meh.  Ok, I think I am done now, whatever it is that people call it...hmmmm


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