Thursday, July 22, 2004

Just a Sprite

I am cow I eat grass toxic gas comes out my Ass...hmmmmmm what a very interesting line.  Never thought about it in a deep way before.  It is amazing what a can of sprite can do to one's sense of being and stability.  Well, I apparently seemed to have misplaced my marbels, though most would say I lost them a long time ago.  I think I lonly just realized that now.  Hmmmmm.    I just love Paris Hilton.  I mean, like she is fantastic.  She makes me feel like uhmmm....what his face....Einstein.   Yes, she makes me feel like Einstein.  I got to see her run last night, but I don't think that she can actually 'run'  she just kinda skipped along.  And it didn't help that her dog took a shyte on the baseball field.  Heheheheeeeeeeee take that you baseball loving freakazoids.  Hmph.  Don't hate me because I'm beautiful and only speak the truth.  Baseball....what a lame sport.  Now see if you have a few drinkz before going out to play that game than all of a sudden it just jumps up a few notches in the interesting category.  Yup.  Definetly.  And I am actually speaking from experience here, not just some random B.S. though sometimes it is fun to write like that too.  Aaaaaaaah.  The Life of Brian is actually a very intersting movie.  It is very deep and everything too.  Like it gives us an example of how religions could have gained a foothold in the world.  For example, "He gave us his shoe...!  It is a sign that we must go out into the world and collect shoes in abundance."  or the next line in the movie is "But wait, what of the gourd he gave us?  The Holy Gourd!  Behold the Holy Gourd of Jerusalem!  Follow the Gourd, the Holy Gourd of Jerusalem!"  Like I mean, isn't that a possiblity that, that is how some of the different religions of the world started?  It is a slight possiblity.  If you are questioning the religion which you were brought up in, attend a World Religions class if you want to change.  If you do not want to change religions, but hope that a "rebirth" in your old religion is going to take place, do not take World Religions, becuase the only thing that you will be left with is just more questions than when you first started out.  Ewwwww.  Why is it so dry in Calgary, I mean my hands are literally shrivelling up right now.  Gross.  I think I need some moistureizer.  But then all of the components will get screwed up.  Meh.  You know a problem in this world today is the cell phone.  I mean I have one, and I love it and all.  But it's like we're all gonna die of brain cancer seriously.  If we don't kill ourselves by driving off the road or into another car, then the "cell" waves are gonna fry our brains, not that they need anymore becuase of all the shyte that we pour into them every day already as it is.  But like I mean they are deadly.  Good luck with your health. this is what I call random jumbling of ideas....Kerazy aye? brain is hurting, I think it is because of the 8 hours spent in front of the compuer screen thusfar today.  Fine.  Ciao!


At 5:03 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

quoting bif song now eh?

At 5:24 p.m., Blogger Roo said...

Yes, there are certain Bif pieces, just "We're all gonna die of Brain Cancer...and Good Luck with you Health..." and that is it. Though next time I should giver her the credit in the piece right away....hmmmmm...don't wanna get chased down by the music FBI for copyright stuff...

At 7:43 p.m., Blogger Jen the Pen said...

It's funny how one can think they know what weird or random is, but then you just have to read your last blog entry, and then nothing compares to the opinion you had before.
Yuck, I hate Paris Hilton. All she did was have a rich daddy. Stupidity at its finest.
Yogurt, curd, cream cheese and butter made from liquid from my utters, I am cow, I am cow, hear me mooooo.
Also, World Religions doesn't necessarily confuse you about your own religion, it gives a good history and explanation of other religions that might be fun to learn about or be aware of. But I guess it all depends on the person in the class, and if they are there to learn about other religions, or if they are there to find questions about their own.
Anyways, enough of this riff raff. Have a grood night.


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