Monday, July 26, 2004


I have been known to pull some pretty strange things in my  career as a professional High School Student.  But at this moment I cannot seem to be able to recall a sungle instance when this occured.  I don't like it when I am hocked up on calories like I am right now.  My left foot starts to twitch when that occurs. apparently Google crashed the other day.  Marvelous, just marvelous Darling, it looks as though Geraldine had another field day.  Right, everyone meet Gerladine, she finishes off the Trio of the G pixies.  And the G pixies are bad.  They are the spawns of Satan.  As if that wasn't obvious enough as it is right now.  And that is enough about the pixies.  But at least Anastasia is still behaving herself.  So I have finally decided something, I don't like inside jokes.  They are annoying and frustrating and drive me bonkers.  Always on the outside looking in.  Hmph.  I mean when some really good friends do it and you have no clue what's going on it is very frustrating.  Then again, if I'm involved in an inside joke then HA!  Sucks to be others, I love when I get to be involved.  I know that sounds really selfish, but hey, I think that everyone pretty much feels that way about things like that.  I am not really in a ranting mood right now.  Hmmmm, nor a contemplative, or thoughtful mood.  Wow, how unexciting.  Meh.  Guess I should go then.  But did I mention that I hate being left out of jokes?  Especially inside noes?  Argh!  It drives me up the wall.  And you people know who you are.  Tick Tick Scratch Lady!  Ha!  Tea with the Moon?  Ha!  Dickin' Dotz! Ha (now that was actually one I got to be involved in, Ha!)  But like awwwwwww guyz......meh.....inside jokes are fantastic, they kinda let you know who are your close friends and who aren't!  Pbbbbbth!  But now its time to get into the whole inside joke thing then..."All day they just sit on their island and drink Aussie Beer!"  LOL jill!  A big shout out to JayJay, Casey, Sidney, Penelope!  And being killed with ketchup on Shauna's Island!  Oh good times...Fluffy Bunnies, Swifer Mops and Starbursts too!  LOL.  Anyways, time to run away and try and get Gustafer back into his suitcase.  Too bad Nicolas is on a hunger strike, he thinks he's Ghandi.  Psh.  Anyways, Ciao!!!!


At 6:44 p.m., Blogger danirae said...

i love inside jokes. SOmetimes i think that the entire basis of Dale and I's friendship is inside jokes. other pple can never hang out with us (except his gf, who is now in "the know") because they have no idea what we are talking ab out. insiders are the best. but i g2g, ttyl luv ya.


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