Thursday, November 30, 2006

I power blogger! And the hearts of Men!

I have one question today, and one question alone.
Why is that it never rains, but it pours?
In other words, why is it that when you stop looking for something, it comes at you at such a pace that you can't keep up?
Currently I am going through such an...issue...I guess one could call it.
About three weeks ago I came to a great realization, one that has taken me months to accept. This great epiphany was that I am single, I am fabulous, and I am hot. As soon as I accepted this, it was nuts how many people started going nuts over me! I had four people actively pursuiting me, and not just for relationships, two of them was just to be, well, fuck-buddies. Quite literally. Why is that they were not around two months ago when I was looking for some?! Jesus, and now when I am not looking for that, they all come along! I wasn't l ooking to get into another relationship, but already I have layed out the groundwork for exactly that! Already been on a date and everything, and to think I didn't want to be in a relationship, and suddenly here I am actively pursuiting it! Now mind you, said person is quite amazing, and I do quite like him. Both physcially and for his mind...I dunno, we just connect...
Funny how the world works in those kind of ways. As soon as you stop looking for something everything you had been wanting for the longest time suddenly floods at you. Odd, and frustrating! Maybe it's because of the attitude that people give off, some sort of new-found confidence? I am not sure what it is, maybe we discretely secrete some odour or something that makes others go wild over us? As I said it never rains, it pours. It is true. Ask anyone who is looking for a relationship, as soon as they enter one their crush from three months before suddenly walks into the picture. Funny. With regards to that though, it simply goes to the fact that the person they are crushing over is unattainable, something they can't have. As anyone who reads this blog well knows, that is something I grappled with not too long ago, and still do. Crushing over the uncatchable person. Makes it rough! Anyways, I am going to go off and be the uncatchable person that I am now, and I a curious as to see who else decides to try and make a pass at me. Oh how ironic and fun life can be sometimes. Now for once I can lead people on...let them chase me. Well, the chase is in full swing, wish me luck!


At 9:07 a.m., Blogger Pixie said...

i didn't know anyone was interested in be 7 1/2 months ago...hell i was clueless and was perfectly find being single....then i got side swiped by someone and have been happy ever since it happened



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