Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Snowflakes! Snowballs! And other fun snow related things!

So, Calgary is getting dumped again...woohoo!!! Yay for another week of trying to dig ourselves out and getting our timings back to normal again! The city doesn't know how to clear snow at all, half the time its worse in the city then it is out in the country, like c'mon! Yesterday I got my car stuck on a road in calgary, yes, on a road...it took four people to push it out with someone driving (tehehee, a little asian lady)...but man that rightfully pissed me off, i shouldn't get stuck like that on a road in a city of a million people, seriously folks. Ah well, but hey, I am enjoying the snow, if its going to be cold, it might as well be snowy as well, kinda makes things all pretty to look at hahahaha. Well, I think so anyways.

But man, I love the snow, i mean, its so much fun to play in!!!! Like tobogganing, snowball fights, snow angels, and man! Playing football in the snow is an absolute blast!! hahaa, then of course there is writing your name in the snow...or peeing it, depends on the person...Hahaha, man it was like one year ago this coming weekend that I was down in lethbridge and we were busy slidding down the ramps there at the univeristy on crazy carpets, oh good times! Maybe I will find a fun hill and do that here, maybe get some friends together for an afternoon or evening of sliding, only to come inside and curl up by the fire while drinking hot cocoa....mmmmm, yum....with marshmellows!

Hmmm...this is quite interesting, it would seem as though there is no wind whatsoever outside either, for once the snow here is just gliding to the ground, how pleasant and nice....*le sigh* what a gorgeous day to be outside, and yet here I am, about to get stuck all day at work...i really do hate working somedays, especially on days like this, I wish I was retired! Hahahaa...that would be nice. But alas, here I am, stuck as a working stiff, blah de blah de blah...

So going back to yesterdays posting...the cosmos are still out of alignment, but I think things shall soon be rectified...I just need to put some pressure on the rents, become somewhat of a hermit, and actually show that I am concerned about my future, which I very much am.

Hmmm...the snow seems to be slowing down, what a rip off, it was coming down so heavily earlier...jeez...I was hoping to actually kinda get snowed in, but I guess that won't be happening. Alas, though, I must bid you all adieu and high tail it off to work. I have my quarterly assessment today, which could be interesting, I already know the number one concern though! My Tardiness! Maybe I would actually care if I actually saw myself having a future here, but see, I don't see myself here a year from now, so with that, I don't care...but work is fine, I enjoy it most days, somedays i loath it...anyways, I shall let you all know how things went! Cheers and ciao all...

and piss, the snow seems to have completely stopped now...what a let down...! RAWR!


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