Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I am in a rather chipper mood!

I am in a rather chipper mood today. One would think I have consumed caffeiene when in fact, I have not. Where to start.
Well how about this.
I feel like a grand fool today, solely because around certain individuals I become a bumbling idiot. And it just so happens, as is so often the case, that these individuals I become a bumbling fool in front of, are of course people that I like, am crushing on, would like to make lots of hot babies with, but most importantly, have them like me back. However the issue with being a bloody idiot in front of them is that so often they look at my antics and write me off. I wish somedays that I would somehow get the courage I need and not have to worry about being turned down. Living life to its absolute fullest. Taking chances, jumping off bridges, diving into the deep side of the pool. I took another step towards that I am proud to say. Just this past weekend I asked out a long-time crush. And I didn't get turned down! It happened in a most peculiar way as well. Basically, we were sitting at a bar and across the way two lesbians were kissing. Said crush turned to me and stated that he would like to be a part of that action. Well considering I liked him, and had consumed copious amounts of alcohol I promptly planted one on his lips. It last only a second, but I was the one who broke away first, suggesting that he didn't oppose. I followed up by making the suggestion that I take him out sometime this week, and the chap agreed. Hot damn, he's a looker. I don't know why on earth he would agree to go on a date with plain old me. Seriously, said crush could probably get anyone he wanted to. Ah well. At least he said yes. It'll be intersting to see where things go. For better or for worse. Until next time.


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