Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I really need to get back to blogging

So once again it has been a while, oh about two weeks.
But what can I do? Life is busy, between partyin it up, chillin with friends, shopping, school, job-hunting, and just plain being me I rarely get onto blogger anymore.

So, whats new in the life of Drew?

Well...confidence levels are on the rise again. Life has been good, and I mean, these days I am looking good. Not to sound ego-centric or anything, but truth be told, I look good...

This is the latest pic of me out there. I dunno what it is, whether it is the fact that I am holding my head high, or the fact I got more piercings, or maybe it is simply the new sunglasses, but whatever it is...I am constantly being compared to a rock star...go figure. I ran into Karja the other day and she was all like..."whoa...when did you become a rock star?" haha, it made me laugh, I never really was going for the rockstar look, but the more people I ask about my style, the more people are responding with the whole "Rock Star" thing, kinda odd, but I am not complaining...I dunno, as the saying goes, The bigger the glasses, the bigger the go. And Dani, I think I am catching up to you on the size of, my Rock Star lens' are gonna send your Jackie O's on a run for their money, hahaha. I think its cool, I also find people treating me different these days, not my friends per se, but strangers. I get stared at, eyed up, checked out a lot more now it would seem...I can't quite put my finger on it as to why though...ah well, such is the mysteries of life. And I am not saying all this as an ego boost, I am trying to state it how it is, as matter of factly as I can...(is that even a word? factly? i think not, but now it is)

And what have I been up to lately?

Well, I hosted a black tie dinner party at my place this past Saturday night while the family was in Ottawa. Dena, Dianna, Justin, Hayley, Stephen, and my co-host Mala were all in attendence. I would say it was a success. Dinner was good, i missed out on dessert, Dena's salad had a real good kick to it. I dunno, nothing better than a good meal to bring people together. I had quite a few good laughs, and not because of the wine either. It was a fun evening, and a huge thank you goes out to all of you who were there in attendence, you all helped to make it a success, even if that success is only in my eyes, hahaha.

Sad news. Detours is closing. Oh the humanity, oh the emotion.
This past kinky was quite, well, I don't know what the right word would be. It wasn't sad, but we all recognized the evening as the end of an era. Yes, kinky is going to continue on with the new club "Pulse" that is going in, but I mean, it just won't be the same, I mean, Detours as dirty as it was, had some history to it. I mean, Detours in general had a kinda of unique place in my books. I met first met Melissa and Cameron there at the so-called Vamp night that never happened...ahehehe...that was Nicole's and I first gay bar that we ever went to...I dunno, it was Detours. Hahaha, whenever I told my mother I was going there she always made this face, and I mean, I won't get to see that face anymore...*sheds emo tear*

And for some big news i guess. I amm kinda, sorta seeing someone...I won't give any details until things really get going...ahahaha...

Turkey this weekend, I'm excited. Anyways, I should get going, the garden needs some work done in it, and I want to save some of the stuff I want to write down and save it for another post...

Take care. Cheers and ciao all.


At 12:21 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha. You're wearing that, meanwhile I am wearing ripped up jeans, t-shirts and have a shaved head. Its great.
Anyway, good to hear you're doing well. and happy thanksgiving.
Detours closing eh?
Thats, well, probably a good thing for some people.
Anyway, cheers man, stay well, and have a good friday. I know I shall.

At 5:07 p.m., Blogger danirae said...

how come i was not informed of this black tie dinner party? psht. Glad to know things are going well. i miss ya, if i dont hear from you (hinthint) then xpect a call. ANd no way are the jackie o's on a run for their money. i just bought another pair of monstrous lenses too. sooo kickass. and i MUST tell you about my past weekend. it was great. luv ya, Foo


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