Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's been a while....again

Where do I start.
Life is interesting at the moment.
On a serious note, a good and close friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer recently. The catch. It's aggressive and rapidly spreading. In other words. It is already too late. The poor guy has been given just under a month left to live. Now this indiviudal is no ordinary guy. His name is Len Hagel. And he also happens to be the most charasmatic priest I have ever met. He had such a love and interest in the youth of today. And as Susan stated earlier over dinner, "He used his heart as an arm" I mean, the guy would do anything to get us kids into the church seats. He was brilliant, he was down to earth, and he actually made religion exciting. Truth be told, he was loved by many. I remember seeing him dress up in a superman costume and then walk around as "Superlen" a few times. When I was told the news last night, my heart sank. He has already left, and I never got a chance to really say goodbye. It is tough. It was a rough day to say the least. I mean, this is someone who I consulted, confided in, joked around with, and experienced some very life altering experiences with. He was a friend to many of my friends as well, and I mean, its kinda tough on some of us who knew him better. I don't know, its hard. At least we have time to prepare to say goodbye and hopefully get the chance to do it properly as well.

Enjoy life today. Yesterday is Gone.

Tomorrow may never come...


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