Saturday, August 20, 2005

Brad Pitt Hunting

As soon as I found out that Brad Pitt was coming to Calgary to film a movie, I immediately called some friends who worked in locations that would probably be used in the filming...they were my sort of inside leaks. Well, it payed off, I know the location and time frame that Brad will be filming here in Calgary. The excitement within me is hard to contain, its like, whoa Mama! So yeah, with any luck I should hopefully be able to score a pic with him or at least an autograph at some point while he is filming. Yeah, I have my fingers crossed....anyways, ciao all. and wish me luck...


At 2:43 a.m., Blogger mackeydoodle said...

Brad Pitt?! Yechh! hey if you do catch up with him..can u give him a good swift kick in the balls for me?


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