Saturday, January 29, 2005

Adventure seems to follow me!

So...where do i even start.... about almost ending up in Waterton National Park while trying to get from Lethbridge to Calgary....yes, i made a wrong turn off, and no one in the car notcied i did, and so I ended up driving through Pincher Creek and almost into the mountains, and then we realized we were heading the wrong directiona dn went to some random person's house and asked them how to get to Calgary...the look on their faces was priceless....Hahaha! Oh, and I didn't have a map in my car either to make things even with that bump in our road, we turned around, had to go back to Fort McCloud and then get into the right highway...and I ended up doing 170 all the way back to Calgary, it was fucking nuts...I went from Fort McCloud to Calgary in under an hour and a half...yeah, that was fucking good time. Then I headed off to Tequila for a bit, had a good time, did a fair amount of dancing and talking to people. Had a good time, then I headed over to Detours for kink. Yes, i did in fact dress up I guess one could say, as I went as a drunken College dude who stumbled into another dimension....if that makes any sense. Ran into Melissa and Dianna and talked with them for a while, and danced for a while as well. The Cinderella show they did there was fantastic, it was great. Managed to spill beer all over my new jeans....YES! MY JEANS ARRIVED! I was so happy to wear them! Oh, and at Tequila, I had my ass grabbed so many different times, by so many different girls, it was fucking awesome! Anyways, spilled beer all over my jeans, danced on the dance floor for a bit, Melissa's outfit was fantastic...and so was her whip :P ! Haha, that metal whip was great! Anyways, people left, and Mala disappeared for a bit, and then found her, ran into Mark and Arlene as well...was surprised that she remembered my name. Danced some more, and then we left, met my friend Hayley at Tequila, and we were off. Mala went home, and then Hayley and I went to Dena's and ended up smoking a shit load of weed. I was stoned outa my mind...did a Hawaiin Hotbox and that was cool, except I had way to much weed and had to back out of it early. So I went back and sat down and just rambled on about nothing in particular, but everything seemed so funny, but sadly i can't remember any of it and why it was so funny. Ah well, I also managed to make myself into a complete ass hole as well, so that was grand. And I finally fell asleep after Dianna and Kristin left, and the sunw as just starting to come up, so i guess i was up fairly late, or early... And that was Friday night...i can only imagine what tonight will be like...


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