Monday, January 24, 2005


That was a fucking awesome show! I just saw sum 41 with a friend and wow, we both had an amazing time. The concert itself was awesome, the music was hard and fast, and i haven't moshed like i did since May when Bif played Mac Hall. It was complete and utter musical chaos, and I loved it! The vocals were smashing, the lyrics were damning, and Bush was once again the forefront of mockery! Hahaha, way to be! The only regret of the evening was that I didn't go crowd surfing...i am actually kicking myself at the moment, I always love going up, but tonight I didn't. What was wrong with me? Came within inches of a drum stick...but missed out in the end. But hey, I had a grand time moshing...hahaha, it was nuts...the way a rock concert is meant to be like. Then after the show, Andrea and I had to walk past the tour buses to get to my car, and then the idea hit us, why not meet the band? And so, we waited for a bit, but in the end...we reached our goal! We met all the members of Sum 41, Deryck was, well, shy...and not to mention really short...only got his autograph. Stevo was cool, he stayed and chatted with us for a good ten minutes, and got his autograph as well. Interesting thing about Cone though, I didn't recognize him right away and I thought he was with the other band, No Warning, so I kinda walked away, but then Andrea was up asking for his autograph, and then she came back and hit me and asked me why i missed his. And then I realized my mistake and began kicking myself. And then Brownsound, aka, Dave came by, he was really really nice. He's my favorite member of the band. Anyways, he went on the hunt for a sharpy on the tour bus and i asked him if he could get Cone to sign my little Canadian flag, and he said sure. So a few minutes later he came back out with my little Canadian Flag autographed...Yaaa! And then he talked with Andrea and Me for a good 15 minutes one on was awesome. The guy is really nice and down to Earth. Talked about the Stampede, life on the road, the New York Show, the Montreal show from last week (which btw was Dave's favorite Canadian show to date, apparently it was fucking awesome) Talked with us about why we both missed the stampede show, and other insignificant stuff. Then he hugged Andrea, shook my hand, wished us the best of everything and then Andrea and I were off. Then as Andrea and I drove by, he waved to us from the window of the bus. Wow, he stayed and talked to us, that was sofa king cool! (sound it out!) Anyways, one of Andrea's dreams came true tonight which was awesome to see, and like yeah, Dave was really down to Earth. Tonight was amazing, dreams came true for some, others had an absolute blast, and I got to talk with one of my favorite bands! How much better could it get? about that Amy chic that I got to know while waiting for the band tonight, and talked straight for two hours with? Haha, we'll see where this goes, and she was hawt! H-O-T! Anyways, and that, as they say, is another story! I am exhausted, a good exhausted, but exhausted none the less, and I am also on cloud nine...haha...alright everyone, have a good one, ciao!


At 11:11 p.m., Blogger Melissa said...

Wow, honey, that is so cool!! How bloody exciting :) I'm so happy for you!
There's nothing at all like meeting your musical heros (I know all about that ^_~)

At 12:50 a.m., Blogger Roo said...

It really was quite amazing, and quite the adventure...*sigh* now if only I could do that with U2...actually, i think i would die just seeing them in concert...*even heavier sigh* you lucky lucky girl Melissa...*throws back out with heavy sighing*


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