Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The shaping of things

What a year its been, i am now only finding the time to actually be able to reflect on the year that passed. Well, 04 started off slow, but ended with a bang...the way things should be. Looks like this year will be just as thrilling and exciting as the previous one was. Anyways, the hell with resolutions, they're just a load of crockshit honestly. I could keep them, but I really don't see the point in changing when the calender year ends and a new one begins, i will change as i see fit. Why the hell do people make resolutions, especially if they know they're not gonna last through the end of February at the most? It seriously is a waste of time, and can be a waste of money for some. Ah well. Whatever floats yer boat i guess. But jsut give it a thought really, before going out and saying yer gonna change yer ways, just think if you really want those changes and if you really want to keep up with em. I mean, I could have said that I want to concentrate more on school and start lifting weights, and make that into a resolution, but i honestly know that I will not fit the time into my life to even pick up a bar bell, or sit on the floor and do crunches. I am not yet in a state where I am so unhappy that i want change. If the time arises where I feel the need to get bigger, well then by george i will chnge my habits and lift weights. But until then, the hell with resolutions. I could also say that I am gonna slow down with my social if. I mean, I can't stand being at home on the weekend, it just isn't right, even without thinking i don't spend time at home. ie last weekend, went out with people to Coyotes, stayed the night at their place, got up, went to another friends place, and then from there went home, listened to some music, talked to a buddy, went to his place and drank and talked till 5 am. went home, and then slept. I mean, can without even realizing it myself, i am always off with someone somewhere, or I am off on one of my weird moods and driving or walking aimlessly around. But i would save hundreds of dollars each month if i just stayed at home. But nope, that ain't gonna happen. I could say, no more clothes for me, i have more than even my closet can hold...the hell with that....the more clothes the better...haha, i am such a fashion whore. Anyways, i don't understand people who make resolutions, especially if they know they are gonna be broken. Unless one is extremely determined to change themselves, i say the hell with it, you will know when you are ready for a drastic change like that. I mean, don't wait for new years, if you really want change, do it when you are ready both physically and mentally in order to be able to carry out the changes you want. Meh, that's just my two cents on the matter. But as I often say to people, "To each their own" so just do wahtever the hell you want to do, and don't make false promises to yourself, cuz in the end you will just end up disheartening yourself, and those around you who were rooting for you. If yer ready, go for it. Any ways, i am done. Have a good one all of you! Ciao.


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