Friday, January 14, 2005


Oh my...i just had a most warming discussion with someone on msn. It was extremely relaxing to say the least...

Imagine...rolling hills of black soil...on the summit of one of these hills is a beautiful light coloured stuccoed home with beautiful lime stone accents. a firey red tiled roof covers it all, warm to the touch, but none too warm. Grapes growing on the south side, olives on the north...a drive lined with trees seemingly pointing, reaching for the sky...fig trees surround the cobblestone patio...facing west towards the setting sun. Wheat covers the hills to the east and west. It is almost harvest time, so the crops are brown and ripe. The stalks bow gently in the warm soft breeze. And on it, the soft aroma of wild flowers and oats is carried. The horses shout out from the stables below, near by a creek bubbles along, tumbling over the rocks, seemingly laughing as it does. In the kitchen, all the windows are opened wide, the fresh smells of garden herbs seep inside from the carefully tended garden. There is a newly opened bottle of red on the counter, and freshly baked hand made bread to go with it...the tile floor is hard, yet soft to the touch because of the warmth that is exuded. The birds can be heard singing from their perchs in the figs through the open windows, yet outside the softly weathered chairs beckon. Sitting outside, legs perched over the side of the lounge chairs, the tuscan sun sets to the west, as a full moon rises in the east. This is paradise...

so, who else wants to hitch a one way ride there...oh my, with weather like this (-47C with the wind chill) i am up for it...screw calgary, i'll sleep in the fields there. Anyways, as a most fitting goodbye, i will bid you all with Ciao!


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