Monday, January 17, 2005

In the end, it doesn't really matter?

What is it with our fascination with eternity, and life after death? Why are we so intrigued as a species with the concept of immortality and the thought of living forever. Whether in this dimension here on earth, or in another dimension in the so-called heaven or hell. Is it that we are just so insecure as a species overall that we need to place hope in a better life after this one? I mean, are we afraid of just ending like that when the fates cut our thread of life? Are we afraid of us just not existing anymore in any way or concious. It is a very daunting thought to say the least, and to some it is a very frightening concept. But sooner or later most come to terms with the prospects of there being nothing after we die, just, nothing. Yet others will never come to grips with even the thought of just ending. But that also raises the age old question of what if there really is 'life after death' What can we expect out of it? Is it the classical view of Clouds, and ornamental buildings where everyone wears togas and such. Or is it more like what is portrayed in "What dreams may come"? Where heaven is unique to each person and is created within their minds and then manifested physically around them? And then what of the Catholic Church's teaching of purgatory, where we spend time cleansing ourselves in fire before we move on to heaven, and then of course the concept of hell, which is so prevalent in Western Society, and a concept that has often been abused to further certain peoples personal intentions. For example the Catholic church. Or, what if we accomplish the mission we were sent out to fulfill and when it has been completed we at once become nothing, yet become everything at the same time. Moksha is what this idea is called, and it goes along with reincarnation. Ah! Now what of reincarnation! I know I am certainly fascinated by it, with the idea and concept, with Karma and Dharma. There are so many questions, and so many unanswered and unansweable questions, i guess the only way to trully be able to find out i guess, is to wait and see. Hmmm, life is grand, but death comes unexpectadly. Ah well, at least I feel comfortable with where I am, so if there is indeed something, then, I think I have taken out a pretty good insurance package for that, and if there is nothing, then, I am fine with that as well. As long as I know I lived a good life, whether long or short, it matters not. All I know is that I am happy with it, and I am happy with myself, and to me, that is all that matters. Especially in the end. Ciao everyone!

"The way I see it, Wendy, you only go around once."
"Lately, everything has been getting on his nerves, Doctor. The credit people, the flooded basement, Mother's complaining about not getting enough zinc, Jimmy Carter. I just mentioned that our neighbour, Mrs. Uminiwitz, was going to split her big white peony, and it seemed to be more than he could take..."
- Thank you Geroge Booth for those ending comments
(I think he happens to be one of the best cartoonists of all time..again, in my own opinion)


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