Sunday, January 23, 2005

Who the hell do you think you are?

Do I really look that stupid? Asswipe. I am not going to fucking fall for that bull shit. The hell with all of you...I swear to I oughta....Fuck! Hahaha! To those fuck wits at Pinebrook, I am not going to come back if you only offer me a raise, i want cold hard cash, and a fucking raise before i will even consider working for you sons-of-bitches again. You call me up saying that if I return I will have my pay increased? Amazing, that's what you said last year last year, but never followed through. So, to answer yer question if I want to come back or not, well here it is...FUCK YOU! Now go blow a horse you wenches!

Hahaha...I just love it when I call upon the three unholy demons of cynicism, sarcasm and apathy...and I only employed them three times tonight...go team!

Where did the weekend go? It is already 2am on sunday morning, which means, only hours remain till i return to class...oh goody gum-drops! I really do need to slow down my life again...i can't remember the last time i saw my mom and dad. And the scary thing is I still live with em. Perhaps that is a sign I should slow down, oh wait, i last saw them thursday night. Wow. I have now realized how lucky i am to have the parents that I do. They grant me so much freedom to basically do what I want with myself. Hahaha, that's great. Anyways, i am exhausted, pinebrook is full of a bunch of ass fuckers, and that is no word of a lie either. They really are ass fuckers. All of them. Except for Vanessa, she's nice. And the Sheriff too. Right, this is Andrew signing off, thank you for tuning in for tonights episode. Ciao!


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