Friday, December 31, 2004


A week and a half ago, when i was still in calgary, i went out and saw one of the best movies i have ever seen. The Phantom of the Opera is absolutely awe-inspiring. The music is exceptional, the characters are brilliant, the script is moving, and the set designs are spectacular to say the least. Now nothing will ever compare to seeing the Phantom live, nothing. But to see it in all its glory on the big cinematic screens is a pretty damn good experience in of itself. Besides that, Andrew Lloyd Webber had a huge say in how this production of his much beloved play would come about. He helped to hand select the actors and acctresses playing his characters, he was there for their auditions and approved the musical score. Something that this movie allowed that the broadway production did not allow, is the big-budget musical score. When the cast cd came out in the 1980's, it was not a full orchestra as there was not the funds available to do so. However what this movie allowed is the full orchestral experince. It is beautiful...again it may not have Sarah Brightman, or Michael Crawford singing, but the singers of the new production are just as capable of capturing the magic and the essence that is embodied in the musical as the original stars of the Phantom. I mean, it has been a week and a hlaf, and still when ever the ads on the tv come on for it, i just continue singing to the score for the rest of the day. Anyways, i must be going again. too much to see and do in this town. Anyways, keep your hands at the level of your eye, and no, you have not yet reached the point of no return. Rightio, ciao.

*Think of me, think of me fondly when we've said good-bye! Imagine me, trying to hard to put you from my mind...or how about...Angel of Music, guide and guardian, grant to me your glory!*
*Turn your face away from the garrish light of day, turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling me make the music of the Night!*
*Anywhere you go let me go too.......that's all i ask of you!*


At 8:37 p.m., Blogger danirae said...

*sigh* 18 days till it plays in lethbridge. I will just have to content myself with watching the trailer over and over again and listening to the soundtrack (which i own :)


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