Thursday, November 04, 2004

Oh my poor head

Can someone please explain to me what just happened? Oh my god that was by the far the most intellectual, mind stimulating...mind-blowing conversation i have had with someone in a very, very long time. Over cigarretes and beer last night the two of us delved down into a most philosophical, eye-opening conversation. Religion, Philosophy, Conspiracies, Societal Organizations, it was all touched upon. But perhaps what made the conversation what it was, was the realization settling in of what uncomprehensable knowledge that a few world institutions possess. The true power of these institutions is frightening. The Vatican. Need I say anymore? The knowledge that is buried within the Vatican Archives, the knowledge that resides within those books with the power to change the world and throw everything we have ever known into complete chaos. To have thought and believed in one thing, and then to find out that everything you have ever learned is not the whole truth, if it is truthful at all. It is something few of us would probably ever like to think. Yet for those of us who do, there is such a burning desire, an unquenchable thirst to know what lies within the Vatican Vaults. Yeah, call me a conspiracy theorist, but whatever. There seriously is too much going on for there to be something otherwise. What lies within the walls of some of the worlds greatest insitutions has the power to change the world, to reshape everything we have ever known. There is a reason why we're not given the full story and information, because we couldn't possibly comprehend it. But just imagine what lies behind the closed doors. The best example by far is the Vatican, only because it is a central aspect of faith for at least a billion adherents, and the fact that it is one of the oldest world institutions, and the power it wields, and the respect it commands. Just to try and understand what could possibly lie within the Vatican Archives is strenuous enough, but imagine if the Archives were in fact opened up to a few of us. What new understandings and realizations would be born out of the vast amounts of knowledge kept within the walls. Some would sell their souls for just an hour in the archives. I know I would be willing to give my life up to be able to explore the archives. But then the question arises, what would we do with such knowledge. What would we be willing to give up? I'm not quite sure what lies behind those closed doors, but one thing i do know, is that if i was granted access to the Vatican Archives and Vaults, just going through 0.01% of what is there would probably drive me to kill myself. To know one thing, yet to have never have known it at all is something that is beyond my grasp. I don't know what i would do with myself. I know i wouldn't be able to tell another soul, and so the only other alternative would be to leap from the top of a tower. I wouldn't be able to rationalize, or even come close to being ble to comprehend the information that would be entering me. What joys, what horrors, what lies, what terrors, what truths, what passions, what realizations, and what greater understandings would arise out of exploring something like this. I doubt i will ever know, and i doubt anyone else will ever really know. And my brain is once again fried. I'm not sure what sense this all made, if any, but as a last note, this kind of thinking was just a shred of what was discussed last night. Ai, well done mate. You held your ground, as I held mine. And quite honestly, you really surpised me with the depth and breadth of knowledge that you yourself possess. But as a final word, do not obssess over it, otherwise as we both agreed, you will drive yourself insane, well moreso than we both already are. Anyways, i'm now just rambling. Ciao!


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