Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Time? Where does it go?

Wow, i don't think i have ever seen so many comic books in one place at one time, i mean other than a store. Yeah, was helping a friend out last night to list all of the comics he has...was quite a site to say the least, and very time consuming. With three of us working and listing them, it still took us three hours to do. And i can't remember the last time being awake and having three hours fly by like they did last night. I got there at like 7:30 and when we were done i thought it was like 9 or 9:30...nope, it was 10:21...10:21 on the dot. So i mean, time really just went out the window, there was no concept of time last night. So with all that said, that brings me to this. What is time, and the concept of time? Is it something that really exists? or is it perhaps and entity of human imagination. Yes, we age, and so too does all living and non-living organisms on this planet. But i mean, we base our time system on the earth rotating the sun, and the moon rotating around the earth. So we have timed objects, but that still doesn't mean that time exists, per se. Wow, this is way too abstract for me to even be trying to comprehend i think. But i mean, if time were to really "exist" then if we, as humans, were to break the speed of light, as the theory goes, time would go in reverse. So if time were to really exist, then it shold be impossible to go back in time. Yet, if theoretically speaking we can go back in time, then perhaps there really is no such thing as time after all. Becuase if time were to fully exist, then while whoever was going back in time, time would be moving forward simultaneously, so it would almost be self defeating, no, not almost, it would be self-defeating. It would mean that person would be in a sort of limbo, where time, has stopped???? whaaaaa!?!?!? Ok, that was just a bit out there. It is now time to bring this self-discussion back down out of the atmosphere and ground it a bit. Well, whatever time is. I love it, and I hate it. Both with a passion. There are moments when i wish time would just fly by, and i wouldn't have to drag myself through it all, and there are moments when i wish time would really slow down, or even just stop, and that moment can live on forever. A moment lasting an eternity. Yes, i am tired of those good times where i just look at my watch and wonder where the time went. I absolutely hate it. Yet there are other instances where i look at my watch and wonder when it is all gonna end. Ah well, i guess there is a balance though in life, you can't always have the good times with out the bad times, and you can't always have the bad times without the good times. But still, it is all so absolutely frustrating! Makes me want to tear my hair out! Ah well. Take it as its given i guess. Time will go on for an eternity i guess, well, as long as there are humans around to break aging down to such a precise entity. Because without humans, is there really time? I guess a similar idea would be if a tree fell in a forest, and no one was around, would it make a sound? In my opinion, time is a purely human concept. Please, feel free to argue with me on that, but, i'm just thinking about it, and everything in me, well, almost everything within me is pointing towards the idea that time is a purely human concept. Anyways, enough of this, my had hurts, and i hope yours isn't, and if it is, i must apologize. Anyways, until next time...ciao!
*A moment to last an eternity*
Oh how glorious it is...indeed.


At 1:38 a.m., Blogger Jen said...

I couldn't possibly agree with you more on this. I'd just like to take your theory up a notch. Anything and everything we could possibly think of is a human concept, as we are all human, so there is no escaping it. Nothing really exists, everything just is. Our concept of reality is blunt and limited, and though we may think we can change the world, we are insignificant and powerless. There is no such thing as change because everything is predetermined. If you take a moment to ponder it, you might see my point. Humanity is a part of the universe; we just need to learn to connect with it. We could have all the answers if we truly accepted what "is", but I believe our minds are too primitive to grasp that concept. This probably didn't make any sense, but it doesn't matter anyway. I made my point.

At 2:17 a.m., Blogger Jen said...

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