Thursday, September 09, 2004

What went on a year ago in Roo's life

So i dug up my old journal...handwritten...and went to september is what i did one year ago today...

Dear Tracey,
Today was totally awesome and fun. So I went to my first Polo Match today. It was really cool, and I invited Antonia to come as well and she came! It was very upscale, as Polo should be. So we were out at the Calgary Polo Club and had a 'tailgate' party except we ate smoked salmon, brushcetta and foccachia bread and other hors d óureves (sp?), and we also all drank Champagne, hmmm yummy. The match itself was very exciting, Fred Mannix the billionaire and his son were playing. The match was very fast paced and it was so cool to hear the horses go galloping by. But yes it was cool just to see the mastery and horsemanship some of these players had it was just amazing. So I didn't see a single pair of jeans there today, mostly skirts, khakis and (surprise surprise) Polo shirts, oh and wide brimmed hats. From there when the match was done, we went to the clubhouse and wached the trophy ceremony. They also had a silent auction going on. This too was more upscale than the local country club as well, Cartier Pens, Asprey Jewellary, Beautiful Fur Coats from Christian Dior and paintings as well. After that Antonia and I climbed into the BMW convertible and went to Antonia's place where she grabbed her swimsuit, we were headed to Ms. Murphy's house. That was a lot of fun. Antonia and I spent a while in the pool swiming and when Mr. Davis came by in his black Ferrari I got to take it out with him for a bit. After I got back, went into the hot tub and just had a very enjoyable time. Got out, and dried off and talked with Antonia for a good two hours straight. Mr. Davis called in some pizza and I had some before I drove Antonia home, and then went home myself. So more and more I find myself to be living the Calgary Milionaire lifestyle. Polo, Pools, Nice Cars, Designer Clothing. Like if I took anyone out of the city and brought them into this kind of lifestyle, I think they would have felt very out of place because of all the money I see everyday. Like at the polo, we were parked between a brand new corvette and a mercedes s-class. A refurbished Fiat, BMW's. Drinking Champagne. Hob nobbing with the Mannix's, and other notable socialites. Wow. All this done in just one day. Very interesting. Now I definetly have lived the springbank lifestyle. But goodnight. Andrew.

Hummm...well life certainly has not changed since then. Considering I am becoming a Polo Club member next season. However Antonia and I are no longer talking at all but oh well. is so very interesting. Anyways, Ciao!


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