Monday, August 30, 2004


Why do people act the way that they do? Honestly. Like I mean why do people put on a show for others to get attention, while some don't have to do anything at all and yet they attract a crowd around them. Are we born with like this or is this something that we mould ourselves into? See there are those who are true of heart and don't have to say anything and people automatically are drawn towards them, and then there are those who no matter how much or how little they say still cannot attract people to them. Why is that? I really don't think that question can ever really be answered. Please don't mind the random rambling, it is 3 am in the morning and I am typing this in the dark and am very much struggling at it too. Like why do people have to lie or put on a show to get attention? Cuz honestly we really can see right through you, if it's not eight away thenn eventually. Like you can talk as much as you want, but unless you can really walk it well it is really only a matter of time before you will be uncovered. Anyways when a person does walk into our lives that doesn't vocally demand attention, yet still commands a room whenever they enter it why are we attracted to them? Is it becuase of the confidence that they exude? Or is it from a deeper element, an unconcious recongition of leadership perhaps. I have very rarely ever run into this kind of a person. Yet recently, very recently a person like this has entered my life and its like uh huh...weird. Why do we feel as though we have to bend down before them and worship them? They are still just people and seriously anyone can join that group. They just need to find within themselves that sort of quality that they have. I know of people around this individual who literally do fall down and worship them but why? Why should we do something like that? Do we really need to change ourselves, change who we are to gain acceptance from them? No we shouldn't. And see now the random rambling is definetly kicking into high gear. But i mean this person has constantly asked me to do things for them and i say no to them. They want me to follow themm somewhere yet i turn my back on them. Yet even though I do this they turn around and say "Hey, you're cool, I want to get to know you better." Like is it becuase they recongized one of their own or what? If someone can understand this, would it be possible to answer this question? They met someone who just won't say yes to them all the time. Weird Weird Weird. I don't know if I am analyzing this too closely, but then again if Newton hadn't looked to closely at the falling apple then where would we be today? Life is full of twists and turns. People enter and people leave, yet somehow they all seem to leave an unerasable mark in our lives. They have all affected us in one way or another. For better or for worse. Do people come into our lives to teach us something new about us that we didn't recognize before? Or what? Why do people come into our lives with a bang and within a very short period of time will be gone from it for a very very long if not forever. Life is very confusing to say the least, but no one ever said that it was going to be easy. I know for a fact that since this new person has come into my life that I certainly have learned quite a few things about life in general. Now here is a few things that this 'leader type person' has taught me...
*Do not pass judgement on people. Yes you may have heard a lot about them and their rep, yet do not write them off before you get to know them. Do not hate people before you even see them becuase that is only being based upon another persons attitude.*
*Just go with the flow. Live life as if there is no tomorrow. Don't regret anything that you do or else you will only just get hammered down.*
*Have an open mind. Minds are like parachutes, they work best when open. Listen to other peoples opinions and respect them and respect what they stand up for, even if you disagree with it. Ignorance is perhaps one of the worse things to beset our society.*
*Have confidence with what you do. Don't change who you are to beffit other people but be who you are. And be proud of who you are.*
*Don't attract attention to yourself, usually it will only backfire and result in negative attention.*
*Pateince is a virtue, unless you are drinking and are waiting for a waitress...*
*Confidence is the key.*
And so I will leave you with that list. Wow, how philosophical. Anyways, Bon Nuit! and Ciao!


At 12:29 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm...k...i've heard some of those quotes...right, i'll just leave it alone

At 6:16 p.m., Blogger Roo said...

Some things are just better off unsaid...btw i should point out that this isn't who you think it is...yes i know i blended in quotes from one person to the next, but seriously it would be too confusing to differentiate between them so meh...


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