Monday, January 30, 2006

Oh my lord its been forever! bout that honesty!
Lets start from the top.
I am sitting here in my room at 3.26 am.
I feel all artsy, but I have a feeling that is only because i have passed the point of being exhausted. So why should I come to blogger after a three month hiatus? well. Cuz I think the world actually gives a shit about the mighty and profound writing that i spit out among the jibberish i write here. But seriously folks...i know no one gives a rats ass, and you know what, that honestly doesn't make a difference, so because of the lone fact that I know no one reads this...and if there are those out there that actually do, well, this I am sure may be the most dull post you have ever read, I am going to write anyways! and truthfully too!!! So, now that I am done...uhm..................well.......introducing this evenings blog entry, lets delve right into things shall we!

I lead a boring life. Well....actually that is a lie. I live a very exciting life, just that it seems to be on a hiatus at this moment. I work at Le Chateau on 17th ave in Calgary Alberta Canada. And for all you stalkers out there, its impossible to miss as there is a big sign for Hot Gossip right above our store, go figure. I put up with huffy and puffy customers everyday, but most days i feel like slapping them around and telling them to go suck a horse, but of course if I actually did that, well, one can easily imagine the consequences of such an action...

I am dating another boy. And yes, I am a boy myself, but hey, this is the 21st century, where we are encouraged to live out the 7 deadly sins every day! Don't believe me? Well f-off. Now with having a boy friend while being a boy, that comes with some certain responsibilities, or however you spell that word. First off! I have a fag hag, who is herself a lesbian. And number two, I have to change my fag hag into a gay wife cuz fag hags are bad news...but that, as they say, is another story!

I have a number of close friends, and a few best friends...My friends are my life...I heart them with all the emo heartness that my soul can muster up. My bestest friends date back to just high school, so in other words I was rather unstable until then. Well, thats not true cuz I am certainly not stable at almost twenty and in second year university.

University. Where do I begin. My parents think I am attending school when in fact I am working every day dressing middle aged and middle class yuppies who think they are all that. You know, I think I could get in a lot of trouble for talking about my customers like this, well, they deserve it, especially people like Suzy Cheesecake! But that, as they say, is another story. (And I know I just repeated myself, I warned you beforehand that this was going to be a rather boring entry) But like it matters, I am switching schools anyways as I hate the university of Calgary, better known in my mind as the U of Shit!

I like to play the piano. I also like to write music. I like to think that maybe one day my stuff will be recorded, but anyone with an iq over 60 and does not have blond hair will understand that the chances of that actually occuring are about the same as me winning American Idol...which, I might add has a very, very, very, very remote chance of happening, firstly because I am not America, I am Canadian. GO CANADA! tehe.

I like to randomly laugh when I write, when I talk, when I listen, and when I sleep as well apparently. Dry, sarcastic humour seems to be a common gene in my family, must be the British side of me...

I have a cat. She is just as arrogant, stuck up, snobbish, and as much of an attention whore as me, so we get along great. However we do get in our fights and tiffs, and those are always! Always exciting times. Have you ever honestly seen a cat and a human get in a fight, and I don't mean physical, I mean mental, shes a smart one that siamse is...oh yes, never want to turn your back on her...

I have a lot of material possessions. At one point in my life I actually thought that those things made a difference on how people perceived me. Well, now I know that they just think you are even more stuck up and more of a snob than before. So I have stopped bying labels for the sake of buying labels, and now I actually buy the things cuz a) they fit me like a dream, and make me look like a rock star b) They are nice things to have and are quite convenient to have or c) They just plain look cool, and by them looking cool, I somehow end up looking cool.

~All said I done, I must say I look pretty damn good most days...I just need to desperately get my hair cut and coloured once again....hehehe, whooops...~

I want to move out, and hopefully I shall be by the summer. Everyone wants to be my room mate, but truth be told I hardly want to see any of them become room mates. The only person I can logically see me sharing my living space with and not hating after a week is Susan...and maybe Justin...but daaaaamn, I can be such a mess somedays, and such a clean freak another...must be a Gemini Thing.

And for my last point of the evening! I AM A GEMINI!
Which can be quite a handful. Being twins and all, i can easily show two faces at once, and confuse the hell out of anyone who isn't following carefully. I am pretty emotionally unstable most days, and well, I am quite high maintenance. In other words, I need to always be around people. Always. Except when I am in the mood of hating people and when that happens, watch out, cuz usually the only thoughts going through my head at that kind of time is where the nearest wood axe or ice pick is. But I think I shall save the entire Gemini story for another day.

And that ladies and gentleman concludes this mornings talk. I am going to try and get back into this as I do like posting my thoughts for all the world to see, though as I said earlier, I am pretty damn sure that no one reads this....anymore that is. So ta ta loves, and perhaps you shall join me another evening with a hot cup of tea when we can talk of Suzy Cheesecake, Fag Hags, and what it is to be a Gemini...

Take care all!
Cheers and ciao!


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