Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Dog's Life

I sit here on a quiet, well actually not so quiet, Sunday afternoon watching my puppy Tess.

And I think to myself. I wish life sometimes was as simple as a dog's life. They get so excited so easily over the smallest of things. Mention the word "Walk" and the excitement and energy that is emitted from them is quite catching. Right now I am sitting on my floor and she keeps dropping her favourite toy in front of me so I will go out and play with her (which I already have done, but I need a breather). I look at her and I can see the good and happiness that fills the world though. I look at her and can't help but smile. I mean, c'mon! Anyone with that much energy and enthusiasm can get anyone in a good mood! *Sigh* To live such a carefree life...On this of all days, I wish I was a happy go-lucky dog. I look at the shit that is happening to those closest to me and in my own life...and I think to myself..."Tis fucked, this world..."

Ah well, take it as it comes...

Cheers and ciao all.


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